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Davydov D.

Ph. D., Senior Researcher

Department: The laboratory of flora and vegetation

Institution: Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, Kola Centre of Science, Russian Academy of Sciences

Mailing address: 184209 Fersman`s st. 18A, Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia

E-mail: d_disa'at'

Date of Birth: 23/11/79


2006 - PhD in Botany. Title: Cyanoprokaryota and their role in nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems of Murmansk region". Advisor: Prof. N. A. Konstantinova

2002 - Diploma with honors in Biological Sciences. Department of Biology Faculty of Biology and Health Cherepovets State University (Russia) Title: "The total number and biomass of microorganisms in the soils of tundra belt in the Khibiny Mountains”. 

Field of Research

The diversity and ecological distribution of cyanoprokaryotes (Cyanophyta / Cyanobacteria) in the Arctic ecosystems.The role of cyanoprokaryota in the N2–cycle in the north ecosystems; the taxonomic structure, distribution of the species in the communities of Bryophyta; the taxonomic structure of terrestrial cyanobacteria of Kola Peninsula; the seasonal and daily dynamics of the N2 fixation in the north ecosystems; consortial N2 fixation.

Methodical skills

Methos of isolation, identification and cultivation of cyanoprokaryotes:

- cultivation on the solid and liquid media of different content,

- microscopic investigation of native and stained cell preparations,

- the method of fluorescence microscopy for determination of microalgae’s number,

- statistical methods in microbiology,

- gas-liquid chromatography,

- DNA (algae) extraction, PCR.


2003-2011 Assistant Professor in the Murmansk Technology State University. I have considerable experience in demonstrating the laboratory and field work to graduate students as well as tutoring and giving my lectures to graduate students on Plant’s Taxonomy.


Grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

1. Phylogeny of the genus Lophozia s. l. (Hepaticae) (2005).

2. The moss’ role in productivity of the plant communities in Khibiny mountains (2005-2007).

3. Phylogeny, systematic, biogeography and ecology of Jungermanniineae, Hepaticae (for Flora of Russia) (2006-2008).

4. Diversity, ecology and geography of Cyanophyta / Cyanoprokaryota in european part of Russian Arctic (2007-2009).

5. Key botanical areas as a base for the biodiversity monitoring in Murmansk Province (2007).

6. Regularity of formation of Cyanoprokaryota communities in mountain areas of high latitudes of the European Arctic regions (2010-2012).

7. Publication of the monograph "Cyanoprokaryota and their role in the nitrogen fixation in the terrestrial habitats in Murmansk region" (2010-2011, head of the project).

8. The analysis of biodiversity of cryptogamic plants of Murmansk region with the help of geoinformation system (2012-2013, head of the project).

9. Composition and spatial structure of phytodiversity in mountain ecosystems of Euro-Arctic region (2014-2016).

Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund. Project «Cryptogamic organisms as a key component of the vegetation of Svalbard: educational and tourism potential» (2013-2014).

Travel grants:

1. Luxembourg, Symposium of the International Association for Cyanobacteria/CyanophyteResearch, 2004 .

2. Syktyvkar, conference "Algae: problems of taxonomy, ecology and use in monitoring", 2009 .


1. Syktyvkar, 2012

2. Syktyvkar, 2014

Professional activities:

Member of Russian Botanical Society

2003-2012 — Chairman of the Young Scientists Council of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, Kola Centre of Science, RAS.

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