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The use of modern information technologies in botanical investigations

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to invite you to the International Conference «The use of modern information technologies in botanical investigations». The conference will cover a broad spectrum of issues concerning the use of modern information technologies in the herbarium management, mapping and data processing.




The conference will be held March 28–31, 2017, in the Kola Science Center, Apatity, Murmansk Province, Russia.


Kola Science Center

Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute Kola Science Center RAS

Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems

Murmansk branch of the Russian Botanical Society

Preliminary conference topics

1. Information Systems (IS) and the herbarium databases, digitization of collections.

2. The use of remote sensing methods in the vegetation mapping and study of biodiversity.

3. Modern information technologies in the data processing.

4. The organizational, technical and legal issues, data export and import, data entry, open data, validation of data, sustainable IS development, scientific and technical communities on IP.

Final program of sessions and round tables will be established later receiving all application forms.

The official languages of the conference are Russian and English.

A registration form should be submitted at, by December 16, 2016. Please name your registration form with your surname (e.g., Smith.doc). Your early registration is highly desirable, as it will greatly help with obtaining funds for the Conference.

You will receive a second circular with more detailed information, including details of accommodation and transportation, the amount of Conference Fee (which is expected to be around about 30 USD, etc.

Key Dates:

16 December 2016 return registration forms

10 January 2017 second announcement letter, call for abstracts, details of accommodation and conference fees

15 February, 2017 submission of the conference abstracts

20 February 2017 notification of abstracts acceptance, third announcement letter,

15 March 2017 fourth announcement letter, conference program

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