Cryptogamic Russian Information System

CRIS is the on-line information system, which catalogs biodiversity data of the cryptogamic organisms. Cryptogamic Russian Information System is a convenient tool of storage, visualization and analysis of biodiversity data of cyanoprokaryotes, fungi, lichens, hepatics and mosses. This system allows scientists and general public to access occurrence data of the cryptogams. Also, being node of CRIS, it is possible to enter new data to the system. We are actively inviting organizations and individuals to share data through CRIS. If you are interested in publishing your data through CRIS, please, contact us, using following e-mail

The sections of CRIS:

CYANOpro is cataloging data of Cyanoprokaryotes biodiversity, with 822 species, 1362 samples, and 2208 literature records (07.01.2017).

Fungi is cataloging data of the biodiversity of Fungi, containing 1095 species and 582 herbarium samples (07.01.2017).

Lichens is cataloging data of Lichens biodiversity, containing 1520 species and 11091 herbarium samples (07.01.2017).

Hepatics is cataloging data of Hepatics biodiversity, containing 962 species and 42693 herbarium samples (07.01.2017).

Mosses is cataloging data of Mosses biodiversity, containing 927 species and 19595 herbarium samples (07.01.2017).


CRIS being maintained with the RFBR grants: №12-04-3150 and 15-29-02662.


The CRIS is a node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).       Also we are the part of Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).


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