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CYANOpro is the part of CRIS devoted to the biodiversity of Cyanoprokaryotes.

Names of the taxa are given by AlgaeBase. The system of the classification of Cyanoprokaryotes are given by Komárek et al. 2014.

The right citation for CYANOpro is Melechin A.V., Davydov D.A., Shalygin S.S., Borovichev E.A. Open information system on biodiversity cyanoprokaryotes and lichens CRIS // Bull. MOIP. department of Biology, 2013. Vol. 118. N. 6. P. 51-56.

CYANOpro is a "work in progress", meaning that it is not a completed product, consequently CYANOpro is a subject to change. Using following link you may look at completeness of biodiversity data of Cyanoprokaryotes from different terrytories Completeness of data

CYANOpro being maintained with RFBR grants: №12-04-3150 and 15-29-02662.